Moles might be cute to some people but can cause severe damage to your garden and landscape. These insectivores are known to create deep underground tunnels and mounds in the ground which can damage or kill garden plants, grass and trees. Moles are burrowing insectivores that feed on a wide range of lawn insects. Moles have hairless snouts, small eyes and ears, grey to black velvet fur and are 6 to 8 inches long. They have long claws for digging and prefer being alone in a place.How to Prevent Moles in Your Yard

Common signs of moles include surface tunnels, dying grass and plants, an increase in weeds, and molehills. They can dig up to 18 feet per hour. If you want to reclaim your yard, below are some solutions to get rid of moles.

Eliminate Their Food Sources

Moles are attracted to grubs. So, eliminate the grubs and other insects in your yard because the mole relocated in search of food. You can use nematodes or milky spores or insecticide to kill grubs.

Apply A Repellent

You can also use a mole repellent such as castor oil. This oil will not kill but drive away the moles that come in contact with it.

Use Plants As A Barrier

Moles don’t like plants with strong smells such as daffodils, marigolds and others with allium content. Surround your garden with these species of plant or plant within beddings to protect root crops.

Create An Unfriendly Environment

Moles dislike disruptive areas. You can do this by purchasing a sonic spike and installing it in your garden. This device creates a disturbing sound that discourages the mole from coming close and will have to relocate. The sound created by the device is not audible to the ears of humans.

Keep Your Lawn Tidy

Moles take shelter undercover. So, eliminating the shelter will chase them away. You can do this by mowing your lawn and eliminating all pieces of wood or organic debris. You may also want to reduce the level of water in the garden as this moisture attracts insects which will attract the mole.

Use traps and bait.

These methods are best utilized during the fall and springtime when the mole activities are high. To do this, first, identify their active runway by poking holes in the tunnel and observe if the damage is repaired within a few days. Then place the trap or bait in the active tunnel.

Call a professional.

Sometimes mole infestation can be a difficult situation to handle and the help of an expert will be needed. Call a professional wildlife control expert to track and eliminate this mole. These people are experts at tracking moles and treating the tunnel to avoid further infestation of these moles. This expert can also monitor the tunnel to ensure the moles are forever removed.

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