What Are the Worst Pests in Arizona?

Arizona Desert Scorpion

What Are the Worst Pests in Arizona? Arizona is one of the interesting states people like to visit because of several opportunities that it contains, such as available jobs, booming businesses,  standard schools and of course – SUNSHINE!. But still, yet, not everything about Arizona is all fun and good and we are referring to those dangerous animals or dangerous pests that are present in the desert environment in Arizona. In this article, a list of those animals will be listed and what to do to avoid those animals from attacking.

What Are the Worst Pests in Arizona?


Scorpions can be dangerous and harmful to human health, their hard exoskeleton makes them suitable for desert areas. You can find them in your respective home when they are looking for food and water. The most common type of scorpion in Arizona is called the Arizona bark scorpion and has a highly venomous sting that results in severe pain and in rare instances can be life-threatening when they bite. They are not easily found since they like to hide in a cool and dark place. If you have signs of scorpions in your Arizona home or property it’s a good idea to call an Arizona scorpion pest control specialist.


They can be prevented from your house by sealing the inside and outside part of your house since their mode of movement is crawling. You can also have a scorpion pest control exterminator spray your property and outside of your home, inside your garage and outbuildings on a regular basis.


Termite is also a destructive insect that can be found around your Arizona property, most times they are found through the digging of the hole from the ground to your home, through the bulk of firewood close to your house or near the ground by a dripping faucet. They can chew for weeks around your house and home environment which makes it harmful to your home or building. Learn about termite pest control guidance from the Arizona State Department of Agriculture.


You can prevent them through termite exterminators, which do not only prevent instant termite but prepare the environment from getting contaminated in the future with regular termite pest control services..

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Scottsdale Arizona in North Phoenix pest control spiders cockroaches scorpions ants exterminator

Scottsdale Arizona in North Phoenix pest control spiders cockroaches scorpions ants exterminator

They are mostly found in areas where there is much light. Black widow, brown recluse, and tarantulas are found in Arizona. Tarantulas when bitten cause pain while black widow and brown recluse can make you very sick and in rare cases be life-threatening. They also hide in brush piles, firewood, cardboard boxes, and other places where scorpion and termite also like to hide.


They can be prevented through the use of a pest sprayer or regular pest control maintenance


Bedbugs Is not only common in Arizona but also across the country, they spread quite easily on furniture, cloth, and suitcases. You may visit a family or friend’s home and unknowingly you pick up bed bugs and bring them back to your own house, and it is not easily prevented once it gets to the house and the bed bugs get established. It is very difficult to eliminate bed bugs once you have them and best to call a pest control professional that specializes in bed bug exterminators in Phoenix Arizona.


I don’t like spiders and snakes! No really, just say no to snakes!  However, we live in the desert, in their environment. There are many different types of snakes in Arizona including poisonous snakes like the Arizona coral snake, rattlesnakes like the Western Diamondback rattlesnake or the sidewinder to the harmless non-poisonous snakes like the Western Hognose, Milk Snake, Garter Snake or the common Kingsnake. Snakes make an occasional appearance in residential home developments especially developments that border on open desert land. Be cautious when hiking in the Arizona desert, you’ll typically hear a rattlesnake before you see one. Arizona sees as many as 350 snake bites a year but fatalities are rare if medical attention is sought immediately.


You can prevent these Arizona Pests from invading your home or property by consulting a professional pest control expert with expertise in this field because it takes a long process for preventing these harmful bed bugs once they are in your home. There are many more dangerous animals in Arizona, those listed above are some of the worst pests in Arizona. Protecting your environment against them is important for keeping a safe and happy home environment in the Arizona desert.

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