Pests are one of the inevitable discomforts you would have at some point in your home. In some cases, they can become a disaster, as it is with cockroaches.

There is nothing as disgusting as opening a kitchen cabinet only to find a cockroach scurrying away, probably from a food container. Not only are these creatures an eyesore but they also pose a threat to your health and comfort. Cockroaches spread bacteria, contaminate your food and worst of all, they are hard to eradicate.

You can take some preventive measures to prevent cockroaches from getting into your home such as keeping your home clean, sealing up cracks and gaps around the house, storing food in closed containers, washing up dirty dishes and taking out the trash regularly. Sometimes, you might take these measures and still have cockroaches invade your home.

Here are 5 ways to get rid of cockroaches and enjoy the comfort of your home.

  • Block their water and food supply

Cockroaches come into your house usually in search of food and water. When you deny them access to food and water, they die of starvation and reduce in population. Cockroaches can live up to one month without food and one week without water, so store all leftovers in the fridge, take the trash out every night and fix any water leaks in the house.

  • Use cockroach traps

Use a flashlight to search for hiding spots where you usually see cockroaches. The infested areas are usually kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, closets, crevices or holes in the wall, under the fridge and sink.

After you have identified the areas, place store-bought traps like glue strips at the infested areas. Check the trap periodically, it might take up to two weeks to see results. This method is effective for catching adult cockroaches and reduces their population.

  • Use insecticide

Get insecticides that are labelled to be used against cockroaches and spray it at the infested areas and entry points for cockroaches. If you are also using baits, do not spray it with insecticides as this will deter cockroaches from it.

  • Use cockroach bait

The baits are poison mixed with food to attract the cockroaches. Place the bait in places they frequent, when any of them eats the bait, it goes back to the nest and dies where other cockroaches will feast on it and become poisoned as well.

  • Call a professional

Hiring a professional is a very effective and safe way to completely eradicate cockroaches. The use of traps, baits and insecticide can pose a threat to your health. Poison and traps lying around your house become another problem to combat as it can result in the spread of harmful bacteria.

We at Earlybird Pest Control are experts when it comes to cockroach infestation. We have well trained and experienced professionals who can identify the type of cockroaches infesting your home and offer the best treatment to get rid of them completely and safely.

Of course, the easiest way to get rid of cockroaches is to simply contact us to take care of your problem!

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