I can liken ants in your home to David in the bible when faced with Goliath (Humans). As small as they may be in size, they can cause serious havoc, bring about panic and chaos, and could even cause death and destruction. These scurrying creatures come in different shapes and sizes, as beautiful as they may look when they swarm particular places in the garden and outside, we however know them to take on a more horrific look when they do the same in our homes.How Ants Can Ruin Your Home

With different species of ants, comes different levels of a nuisance that these ants can cause to homeowners. Some ants can bite/inflict levels of pain on a human being, some others spread bacteria in our homes, while some other species are very good at finding their way into foodstuffs in the house or a partially closed pot of soup. Some may decide that eating into your furniture is a lot more desirable to them than any other thing.

The havoc ants can cause depends on the type of ant that has chosen your home as its habitat. Today we are going to look at common ant species that can ruin your homes and the specific threats they can pose when allowed to roam freely.

The sugar ant: The sugar ant is one of the commonest species of ants seen in most homes, this pest swarm over sugar or any foodstuff with high sugar content. Imagine opening a box of sugar after making a sweet cup of tea to pick a cube, only to happen upon a host of sugar ants swarming all over the contents in the box and scurrying to safety as you are about to drop the box in obvious shock and irritation. For some, this may ruin their appetite, because sometimes you end up having particles of these ants and other times dead sugar ants in your meal.

Soldier ants:

The soldier ants are another special visitor to most homes, these aggressive ant species attack and inflict pain once threatened. They also move in long black lines of colonies, with the large-headed soldiers by the side with their huge mandibles ready to attack. The soldier ants swarm homes at night, biting and entering any exposed food they can find. The soldier ants can ruin your dinner or breakfast for you by swarming into your pot of soup or stew, leaving you hungry and irritated unless you find soldier ant stew, appetizing.

Little black ants:

They swarm around crumps of food in the house or exposed food, this species can ruin your home for you by feeding off beverages like milk, milo, and biscuits. Exposing you to various types of bacteria as they scurrying all around the home.

The carpenter ant:

This ant species prefer to live and feed off furniture and woods in the home, which would most likely lead to the destruction of properties. When carpenter ants appear in your home, it is very necessary that you deal with that problem urgently.

In summary, ants can seriously become a nuisance in any home they invade, if we do not take measures to curb them. One can decide either to use natural methods or pest control methods to resolve this issue.

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