5 Signs You Have Rats – The infestation of rats in the home needs to be identified and exterminated immediately. Keeping your home away from rats means knowing when you have an infestation. Ignoring the signs for too long will result in bad consequences. Rats are known to chew on many things including wire and other personal stuff. Below are 5 Signs You Have Rats in the home;

1. Scratching noises5 Signs You Have Rats

Rat infestation always comes with annoying screeching noise from the walls where the rat nests. These noises are mostly heard at nighttime where they are searching for food. Rats often enter the home through cracks and pipes making the basement or garages their primary way of entrance. They are also attracted to open food, clutter and warm places. These nocturnal creatures are unwanted guests in the home, scurrying and messing up storage places, pet food supplies or storerooms.

2. Droppings

Rat droppings or pellets are grain-like in structure but sizes can depend on the type of species. Generally, rat pellets are half an inch long and crumble when touched. Fresh pallets are usually moist and dark at first but later become old and grey when they age. These pellets are mostly found close to food packages, in drawers or cupboards, under sinks, in dark corners, and along rodent runways. Many piles of droppings can be seen where the rat is nesting. If this is observed, inspect the area to know if it is a new or active infestation.

3. Gnaw marks

A rat’s teeth are in continuous growth. So, they have to keep gnawing to remain sharp and healthy. Rats have strong teeth which can gnaw almost anything. Gnaw marks are usually lighter when new and darker as they get old. You can compare these gnaw marks you notice with those on similar material and if the marks are still light in color indicates a continuous infestation. Most of its marks can be found on food packages or on the house structure. These marks can also determine if you have rat or mice infestation as rats have bigger gnaw marks than mice.

4. Greasy track marks

Rats may have a higher sense of smell and hearing, but they are colourblind with poor eyesight. They use the same route as a means to move around, hurrying against the walls and furniture as a way to sense and detect their location. Track marks are often seen on their route since it is an often-used path. The rat fur is covered with grease, dirt, and oil which can be found on the wall where they are trying to find their way around. Urine stains and droppings can be found alongside greasy marks around your attic, basement, and pantry.

5. Nests

Rat resides in a simple nest built with its paws. This gnawing noise can be a result of the rat trying to collect nesting materials. Their nesting material usually consists of bits of paper, fabric, and insulation which are dragged to their secluded corners. Their nesting area often looks like a clump of garbage, disorganized and dirty.

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