What to do if you Insects or Rodents in Your Walls – When insects and rodents are in a neighborhood, they are noticed by the level of scavenging they cause for food and shelter. These pests are usually found in nooks, light bulbs, and crannies in your home. The colder months usually attract such an infestation.

You may hear noises in your walls while sleeping that are caused by an insect or rodent. However, insects like carpenter ants or termites do not make noise. The sound is mostly associated with rodents. Here are some ways to get rid of insects or rodents living in your walls.

What to do if you Insects or Rodents in Your Walls

Determine the insect or rodent.

Once you’ve identified the type of insect or rodent in your walls, the next step is to see if the insect or rodent can climb up and down the walls or get stuck in them.

If the insect or rodent can freely move through the walls, you can start by locating the entry points. Most pests enter through the attic, where they can easily move down walls. You can extract this pest by using some methods, such as

  • Using ultrasound repellents with high frequencies will drive out the pests. This method does not require chemicals. It is effective in chasing away insects or rodents by interfering in their activities.
  • You can lure some pests by placing food in their entrance points. Wet cat food is an effective bait for most pests, especially raccoons. Pick bait that can attract your pest from a distance through its smell.
  • The final step is to seek the help of a professional. These professionals are trained in different ways to get rid of insects or rodents causing damage in the home. This method may cost more, but it is very effective and may prevent future infestations.

Keep in mind that after drawing the insect or rodent out of the walls, there may still be many offspring that can’t move freely. This may lead to peering down the walls to locate this infestation.

How to keep pests and unwanted visitors away

You don’t want the infestation to repeat itself after the measures you took to eliminate the existing one. To prevent this from repeating, you can schedule a regular inspection of your home for holes or gaps that may serve as an entry point for insects or rodents. The pest control companies are professionals at handling such a routine check and sealing the holes.

Secondly, you have to maintain a clean environment by keeping your home clean and clutter-free. Get rid of debris and food scraps that attract such pests to your home. Don’t leave pet food or garbage out.

Another method is to install mesh screens to cover the cracks and gaps in your walls. This is mostly to avoid rodent infestation.


A scratching sound is not a sound you want to hear at night when sleeping or during the day. But be calm and follow the aforementioned methods to take charge of your walls.

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