Arizona homes are not made of wood because of termite damage. Termites in Arizona are a big concern as the state is located on active termites inhabitants in North America. Dry wood termite is also troubling species in the state. These pests are known to bring distribution such as sagging floors, shifted window and door frames, peeling paint, and more. Severe infestations that are not handled in time can result in more serious damage.

Below are species of termites that attack wooden homes in Arizona.

Dampwood TermitesWhy Arizona Homes are Not Made of Wood

Dampwood termites infest wood with high water content. One of the most destructive dampwood termites in Arizona is the desert dampwood termite. These pests commonly infest wood that is constructed underground and near the termite territory. They also infest living shrubs and young trees to consume the sap as food for survival.

Drywood Termites

Drywood termite behavior infests wood with low water content. In some locations in the state, drywood termites can cause damages that need significant costs for prevention and repair.

Dark Western Drywood Termites

The dark western drywood termite is the vastly scattered and disastrous type of termite in Arizona. These termites often moved from place to place in the state through wood products like furniture. The dark western drywood termite also causes damage to dead trees, dead branches, and solid wood on structures.

Light Western Drywood Termites

The light western drywood termite is found in the heart of the desert in Arizona where the height is below 4,000 feet. This species can withstand arid climates than the dark western drywood termite

Signs of Termite Damage

Here are some of the common signs of termites in your home:

  • Deteriorating or squeaky floorboards
  • Slacked tiles
  • Identify holes in the drywall
  • Discolored drywall or peeling paint
  • Jammed windows or doors
  • Contours in the floors or walls
  • Buckling floorboards or laminate
  • Wood that has an open sound when hit
  • Damaged or rotting wood
  • Heaps of termite feces, similar to salt and pepper
  • Piles of termite wings, similar to fish scales
  • Mud tunnels close to the foundation of your home

Preventing Termite Damage

For a start, you can schedule a routine inspection for your home. Arizona is dwelling to various types of termites, that keep savaging for food that can be located in your home. A termite schedule is needed as there is no time for infestation of the pest. This routine will help unravel an infestation before time and minimize the damage.

You can also keep termites out of your home by avoiding wood and other organic materials. Don’t stockpile firewood, old newspapers, or cardboard boxes in your home. Those are the hidden places for termites before being transported to the house.

Another way of preventing termites infestation is the use of a professional exterminator. The exterminator will treat your house and raise a barrier to prevent termites from entering the home.

Termites’ damages cost a lot of money to revamp the structure. It is best to treat the damage before it gets worse. You are advised to call the exterminator as soon as you suspect an infestation in your home.

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