Structures are commonly made of wood because wood is easily gotten, and easily refined. Concrete and steel are much more difficult to work with compared with wood. Wood is also cheaper in construction than most other building materials.Why Build Structures Away From a Home in Arizona

Most structures in Arizona are built away from home because of termites. Except for the foundation, window glass, and roof can be completely constructed from wood and wood byproducts. Skilled carpenters can construct a building in a few days, except for the finishes.

Structure termite

Sadly, termites can track down a building located miles away. They seem to have a captivating radar for wood structures that have moisture content. Termites are not just there to damage the structure but also to infest your home after eating the structure.

These pests have been in existence for centuries and are unlikely to be completely eliminated. Most infestations are treated with chemicals else structures made of wood couldn’t exist.

Termite not only destroys newly built homes but can also render the structure worthless to inhabit. Make sure you build your structure away from your home to avoid being inundated with termites

Signs your structure is about to be infested by termites

  1. Damp Wood

Many parts of the structure such as steps and back porches, patios are vulnerable to moisture because of water especially in the case of a pool. Damp wood attracts termites that infest through holes, cracks. This infestation can lead to damage to the wood which can result in injury. This infestation can eventually proliferate into your home.

  1. Limited Sunlight

Most structures are built in the dark and termites prefer dark, cool, wet, and hidden places. If your structure is exposed to sunlight, the probability of getting wet will be low. The structure will remain dry and warm keeping termites away. Building the structure away from home will prevent termites from coming and nibbling in your home. It is advisable to trim down the trees and surroundings to allow the reflection of sunlight in your home.

  1. Leaving Mulch Unattended

Mulch happens depending on the season. Most structures are affected by mulch during the rainy season which leaves the soil moist with rotten leaves leading to mulch. If the structure is close to the house, the mulch will invite termites that can latch themselves into your home.

  1. Exposed Stumps

Structural stumps left behind during construction and affected by weather are homes to termites. Once these termites get in the wood, your house is the next place to visit. It is best to clear all this wood to avoid termite infestation.

  1. Moisture in Basements

Most structures contain basements that are moist in nature because of the pipeline connection. These pipes mostly transport water to and away from the house. Structures with these designs are inhabitable areas for termites.

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