Can Gophers Destroy Your Home?

There is a growing concern over the presence of gophers in most homes. However, it creates some sort of discouragement when you beautify your grade, only to find them destroyed in a day. This is the extent to which this kind of pest can go. Your well-tendered garden could begin to have patches of fan-shaped molds. This is because when they dig the ground, they push diets to the surface mound, mostly on top of their tunnels. They can destroy your garden, farms and even other valuables in your home.

Gophers are known to have on each side of their face, fur-lined pouches, which are capable of carrying food. They are in the class of “Geomyidae”, and are known to be endemic to North and South America. They are known to live in tunnels and gardens, so they typically live under the ground. What really makes them peculiar is that they have sharp claws and teeth which makes it easy for them to excavate the ground. Regardless of the season of the year, they are always active. Although, during the spring and fall periods of the year, their activities increase more. During this time, it is easier to dig the ground, because the moisture content is ideal for digging.

The question of whether they can destroy homes, YES, they can. It is easy for them to dig a hole, and penetrate deep into the ground, which will in a way damage the structure of your lawn. They can even eat the vegetables in your garden including the roots and backs of trees. They are the solitary kind of animal, so it is easy for them to single-handedly create destructions. This is such that only one gopher can create damage of high impact within a short period of time, by sinking plants into the holes.

But more importantly, their ability to venture underground exposes your underground utility cables to damage.  Peradventure your utility cables are passed underground, the damage they cause could disconnect you from these services. How do you handle electricity cables or even telephone cables that have been cut underground without your knowledge?

What of underground pipelines? Damages to your underground pipelines could be very monumental. As long as they can be able to access them, there is at least damage to be caused.

The ability of gophers to dig into the soil could get them into your home, and this can create significant damage to your walls and foundation. This can also lead to weakness in the soil under your foundation and when this happens, they can have their way into your bathtub and cupboards.

Gophers’ infestation may result in a huge economic loss, as you have to pay to fix or replace the damages made on your home. Should we also mention the distress that lack of supply of essential services could cause as a result of their feasting on your cables?

Gophers are undoubtedly an enemy of your home, the damage they cause becomes frequent if not attended to. You can’t afford not to get rid of these pests. While traps and poisons can be used to remove gophers from your property, it requires adequate knowledge for such measures to be effective. It is advised that you contact a professional pest controller for effective removal and control of gophers in your home.

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