Arizona experiences a year-round pest concern making it a year-round pest control issue. However, there are specific months with a higher infestation, like May to August. In addition, you may experience summer pests because of prolonged heat waves. However, the summertime is the best time of the year for pest control in AZ. Arizona city faces threats from scorpions, termites, and stinging insects. The earlier the pest control, the lower the chances of having an infestation allowing you to enjoy summer relaxation.

Why are pests more prevalent in the summer?

Summer is the prevalent time for the pest in Arizona. The issue starts from scorpions to roaches and other creepy crawling insects, unlike the winter season. If you notice any sign of a pest, it is time to call a pest control company in AZ to book an appointment for free. These companies try to get rid of pests from your home, leaving you pest free for the season. Although many pests are inactive during the colder months, roaches, scorpions, and crickets are on the rise in AZ. Also, the bark scorpion comes out to play during this time. However you may experience these pests in winter, but they are more in numbers in the summer, looking for food, shelter, and water. In addition, the region experiences monsoon storms that bring along water to the Valley, helping pest activities.

Why are scorpions more active?

Brak scorpions come out during this time to hunt their fellow pests, such as roaches, crickets, ants, and other insects. The scorpion knows these insects are active, providing sufficient food to hunt. In addition, the bark scorpion does its mating activities in the summer. You can encounter mothers with their young ones traveling in early summer. However, there are many ways to get rid of bark scorpions from your home, such as;

  • Suppose you have encountered scorpions on your home’s property, backyard, or surrounding areas, then it needs regular servicing. A home with moderate scorpion activities will require a month’s treatment, but a home with severe scorpion activities will need a treatment plan. The pest control team will target their nesting and breeding center. The company uses products to spray in your home and yard to prevent pests from intruding for a long time.

Pest Control Service in AZ

Although summer is the best time for pest control in AZ, you still need a professional way to determine what type of pests or risk factors you face on your property. In addition, they forge the best treatment plan to chase the pest out of your vicinity. After consulting the professionals, they will send a team to do an in-out cleaning of your home, yard, and compound. Pest control companies in Arizona use a multi-tiered approach, such as getting rid of pests and creating a protective measure to prevent future infestation. In addition, the company will look for cracks or crevices, which are usually a gateway for bugs and other pests entering the home. Finally, they seal the areas and ensure no gap for small insects and other pests invading the home.

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