Pests are our friends though we don’t get along so well. They are important to the environment; spider webs help catch mosquitoes and flies, and ants feed on decaying mattes. Pests add nutrients to the ecosystem but are pesky in our homes. They can be dangerous, whether bugs or other critters. Most homeowners hire professionals to handle the case, while others may use DIY methods. Those patronizing, professional help may be confused by the difference between an exterminator and pest control services. Though both parties share the same duties, exterminators use chemicals to remove pests, while pest control uses environmentally friendly means with long-term effects to kill pests. Other things differentiating these pest killers include;

What Pest Control Does

Pest and vermin are not considered friendlies in the house or workplace. They are a nuisance and tend to create a lot of damage to properties and your health. Call the pest control company to eliminate the problem if you have such a case. Remember that pest control examines your situation before deciding what to do. Due to that, pest control cannot deal with all types of pests. If you call a pest control company, expect some activities like:

  • Examine entry points: these professionals are good at tracing entry points like doors, windows, pipes, crawl spaces, and garages where pests and rodents get to their destination. This is an important step but takes a lot of time. They must locate cracks, tiny ways, and hidden spaces in the home.
  • Examining the yard: if you have a yard or live close to an outdoor space, that also needs examination. Neglecting these spaces may result in a future infestation.
  • Create a report: these professionals will combine the results, which will also take time. The information will be scrutinized to create systemic findings and create a plan to eliminate the disturbance.
  • Discuss the pest control issue: the professionals will share and explain the results to your understanding. The explanation will contain activities that will be carried out in your yard. The measures will be taken to solve the current situation and prevent future infestation. If you’re a homeowner with pets, protecting or evacuating your pests from the surroundings during the operation is advisable.

What Exterminators Do

Those looking for total pest elimination should seek the help of an exterminator. These people use conventional ways to resolve pest issues. Generally, exterminators use fumigation or spraying methods filled with chemicals to exterminate the pest. The exterminator uses these approaches to tackle the pest problem.

  • Investigating the infestation: the exterminator will locate the pest entry and hiding points. Furthermore, investigate physical damage such as tunnels, grease, or build-up.
  • Reviewing the infestation: they will review and report the damages and infestation. They will also suggest pest control methods, prepare quotations, and recommend the next steps.
  • Preparing your home: exterminators are there to cover large areas, including the nooks and crannies in the home.
  • Caring for your pets: during the activity, it is recommended that you relocate your pet since they cover large areas. Exterminators have some pest control products that may be harmful to your pest.

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