If you call Arizona home, it might be time to winterize your home to help eliminate pests. Winter is a beautiful time of the year when we experience plunging temperatures, beautiful coloring plants, dwindling sunlight, and warmth. Warm places become the hideout places in the home during winter. Unfortunately, the beautiful and flourishing temperature also affects insects and pests outside the house. These insects find cozy places to keep warm and protect themselves from seasonal changes. Therefore, pest control is a major step homeowners must take when winterizing their homes. This pest control to-do list is to eliminate spiders, rats, wasps, ants, and mice anywhere and everywhere. These visitors come into the home at their own will. These unwanted guests claw around with their tiny feet, causing destruction and nuisance in the walls and attic. The season can be better without insects around to disturb your peace. However, this article highlights the possible ways to winterize your home from winter pests in Arizona.

Eliminate Habitat

The home exterior is where they start their journey and have homes. Check for pests’ habitats outside the home and eliminate them. They are mostly interested in moisture, food, and shelter to reproduce or avoid predators. To eliminate them, you’ve to think like them. Start from bug-size bridges, which non-flying pests use to enter the home. Also, look for hidden refuge or spots where they could hide. Here are some pest control steps to help eliminate a pest habitat.

  • Check the gutters and downspouts, especially ones with debris.
  • Maintenance on the downspouts should be adequately done to ensure the free flow of water.
  • Remove devices attached to the house, such as compost piles, rocks, bricks, and boards.
  • Remove mulch connecting to the house.
  • Keep firewood outside the house.
  • Keep trash outside the house or tightly closed because they serve as a food source for pests.
  • Ensure your plants are not directly resting on the house.
  • Repair or replace outside lights or switch from traditional bulbs to yellow or sodium vapor lights.

Seal Openings to Winterize

Vermins also enjoy cozy places during the winter, so one has to seal the openings in the home when it is time to winterize. These openings include windows, crawl spaces, vents, cracks, doors, etc. Weather stripping will prevent pests from coming home. Here are a few steps to go about it.

  • Remove pipes used in gardening or other purposes away from the house.
  • Block tiny access the little furry folk can use to get into the house.
  • Use concrete to fill all cracks in the house.
  • Inspect your bathroom vents and install a chimney cap on your chimney entry point.
  • Seal holes or openings with silicone caulks.
  • You can use a metal insect screen and bug mesh to block large entry points.
  • You can also install storm windows.

Home Pest Control

The best way to winterize winter pests from Arizona homes is to spread chemicals around the home. But first, you can research how to keep the outdoor pest outdoors with chemicals. Low-cost chemicals are effective in keeping pests away from home. Then, inspect the outdoors during the autumn and manually apply the solution. This method will prevent pests from entering the home while maintaining the home structure.

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