Pests are not welcome in the home at any time of the season. Many homeowners think the dropping temperature means a decline in pest activities but that’s only partially true as winter pests emerge. Many pests function in the winter in Arizona. These pests invade many homes causing issues to human health and home structure. Although Arizona has less cold, the pest invades homes at night when the temperature is colder. They also want to live comfortably with food, security, and warmth. Thus, the best way to stay safe is to schedule winter pest control for your structure. Let’s discuss the winter pests that invade Arizona homes to beat the cold.

Winter Pests to Look Out For


Spiders hate cold and seek shelter in warm places, which is why our home corners are webby and often home to these leggy winter pests. Although some spiders are friendly neighbors helping eat other insects, some are poisonous, like the brown recluse and black widow, and they live in Arizona. These are tiny spiders hiding in dark places like cupboards and clothes. The black window is common in Arizona homes and can be identified through its red pearl-shaped marking. Be Careful when dealing with your refuse because that’s their home. The basement is a dark place for the brown recluse, has violin-shaped markings, and likes to sting. These are threatening visitors you can’t have in your home.


Another pest to look out for is ants. Ants are not threatening in Arizona like other pests, but a battalion is way too much for a home. Ants tend to hibernate underground during the cold months, but some still lingered to scavenge for the colonies. These ants enter the home and may take permanent shelter afterward. Their shelter is in warm places where they can efficiently forage. Ants are surprising and obnoxious visitors not welcome near your foodstuff.


Termites are a big problem in Arizona, especially in winter times. They are active during the winter, consuming twice the size and causing thrice the damage. They may be more active in winter, but the frost is no good for them. So, they move into your home, live, and scavenge on dry wood. As a result, your home structure is vulnerable, especially in the hands of subterranean termites that live in basements. The issue is the work of professionals to avoid endangering yourself to their bites.


Cockroaches are another pest to look out for. Although they function more in the summer, the cold is never a friend. They move in without permission to the warmth and comfort of your home. Yuck, so disgusting and modeling pest with no purpose. A large number of roaches carry all types of bacteria, including streptococcus, salmonella, and staphylococcus. A colony can become three colonies in no time if not correctly handled. Call the professionals.


Arizona enjoys low temperatures and less freezing. Well, that is the same reason the mice are migrating. Mice are home wreckers. They attack foodstuffs, wires, papers, and other home furniture. They enjoy nesting in homes with adequate food, warmth, and security from predators. So if you hear noise in your drawers, wall voids, cabinets, refrigerator, or garage clutter, it is probably your furry friend.

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