Arizona is very famous for its poisonous bugs and bees. There are different seasons of the year when these bugs come out the most. These creatures are venomous and are often referred to as deadly.What Poisonous Bugs Live in Arizona

Here are some of the most poisonous bugs in Arizona.

  1. Blister Beetles: During the spring, fall and summer, the blister beetles can be seen crawling around your neighborhood. They mostly show up after a rainy day when it is damp. The blister beetle releases its venoms from its joints, which is harmful to human skin. The secretion from their body is responsible for the word “blistering”. Some of the symptoms after they bite are blisters which are similar to poison ivy. The chemical on the beetle can also be spread upon skin contact when crushed.
  2. Cenenose Bugs: These are also known as Kissing Bugs or Vampire Bugs. If you see one of these bugs in your area, it is primarily because of the heat and smells of dogs. Once they find their way into the dog kennel, it can not be easy to extract. These bugs also get attracted to light and the carbon dioxide we exhale from our bodies. They give anaphylactic shocks through their bites and transmit Chagas disease, which can lead to heart failure.
  3. Giant Desert Centipede: These centipedes are capable of stinging, and people pay less attention to them due to their size. Even though not every centipede is harmful, it is best to avoid the Giant Desert centipede. The larger the size of a centipede, the more painful the bite will be on the body. The Giant Desert Centipede is 8 inches long and stings. It is safe to know that all centipedes kill their prey with their venom.
  4. Brown Recluse Spider: This particular spider resides in other countries aside from Arizona. It loves to stay warm. The Brown Recluse Spider loves to hide in dark areas of a building and, other times, inside shoes or clothes. It is a venomous spider, and its bite can cause a seizure. The bites from the Brown Recluse Spider may cause kidney failure as it destroys the tissue cells. It is best to seek medical help after a bite from the Brown Recluse Spider.
  5. Black Widow Spider: If you have ever wondered what the most venomous spider is, the Black Widow spider is your answer. It has red dots on the belly, making it easy to spot. When you’re in Arizona, try to avoid the female black widow spider as its bites have bad symptoms. Some of the symptoms are vomiting, breathing problems and chest pain.
  6. Bark Scorpion: Even though the bark scorpion looks more pale than other types of scorpions, it has a more harmful bite. They are the most venomous scorpion in Arizona and are most times on the bark of trees, hence its name. Their stings are painful but less life-threatening than other scorpions. Also, know that young children and older adults are at risk from the dangers of its sting.
  7. Africanized Honey Bee: Also known as a killer bee, this bee is more aggressive than other species. They attack in a pack and can follow you for a long distance. Once you get stung by this bee, it is best to seek medical treatment. They are slightly smaller than other bees and have a darker band of brown with their golden yellow body. They are more hostile than other strains of bees.

There are many other bugs and insects in Arizona which are harmful (and may cause death) to humans. What poisonous bug did we miss? For pest removal in Phoenix, contact Early Bird Pest today.

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