There are a multitude of different pests that can reside both inside and outside your home. Are there bugs, rodents, or roaches in your home? Is your home a nesting ground for pests? Knowing the type of pest infestation and the methods can help you restore your home. Pests are severe threats to humans, animals, and plants. These destroyers range from flies, fungi, termites, mosquitoes, etc., with harmful effects on living things. These creatures are tiny in size but pesky in nature. However, you can only control pests if you know them and their control methods.

Pest control methods for different pests

Biological Pest Control

This method is a natural pest killer. It helps reduce the number of pests without causing any harm to the environment. For instance, many homeowners kill pests like mosquitoes by putting substances such as bacteria in the water but not enough to harm humans. The aim is to eliminate these pests without harming humans or the environment.

Mechanical Pest Control

The mechanical pest control method uses equipment or devices to eliminate the infestation. Most homeowners create a barrier to protect their homes from pests. The technique prevents the pests like rodents from spreading into the house and causing further destruction. The first thing to do is to remove anything that attracts pests to the home, such as garbage, where pests scavenge. So, you can start by removing still water from your home.

Poisoned Bait

Poisoned bait is an efficient method for insects and rodents. However, this method is dangerous as other animals or pets can ingest the poisoned bait. Many that have come in contact with poison bait have lost their lives. But feeding rodents poisoned meat will chase them away. The method is efficient but must be executed carefully and not be messed with.


There are many legal pesticides in the United States. You can get OTC and professional pesticides used by pest control companies. These pesticides go through a registration process before being approved for usage. The process reviews the contents, where you can and cannot use them, how often you can use them, and how to dispose of them. The process reduces the pesticide risk to humans, animals, and plants. The registration process examines the short and long-term effects of the chemical. The method effectively kills insects like bugs, mosquitoes, flies, etc.

Electronic Pest Control

Electronic pest control is a technological advancement for eliminating pests in homes. This different pest control method is of two types; electromagnetic and ultrasonic. The electromagnetic technique is effective against pests like mice. The shockwave affects the pest’s nervous system, repelling insects and rodents. On the other hand, the ultrasonic sends high-frequency, short-length sound waves to keep pests out.


Repellents are another pest control method for keeping certain pests like mosquitoes away. However, this method is temporary and depends on different factors. The FDA approved many repellants, meaning they are safe for living things and work effectively. In addition, you can use attractants to draw pests to a particular area in the home where they pose fewer threats.

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