Pest control is vital for peace of mind, safety, and health. Insects and rodents spread various diseases to homes, pets, and families. Whether you’re a homeowner or on rentals, having regular pest control is a way to maintain your residence. In short, you should add pest control to your annual budget. You may not see an infection or bug problem, but that won’t last and often happens unnoticed till it escalates. So, how often do you need pest control? Read on to find out.

How Often Should I Pest Control My Home?

Pest control companies inspect the home for changes or indications of pest activities. They check traps and create preventive measures to stop or reduce infestations. In short, you should have frequent visits from pest control professionals even without noticing any pest activities. Professionals can search and find new threats in your building where you couldn’t. In addition, having frequent pest control reduces the cost of hiring pest control companies. Suppose you have a residential building pest control visits should be quarterly or two to three months. A monthly inspection helps regulate infestation and should be within three to six months. However, the inspection schedule can change due to factors like location, size, time of year, weather conditions, and pest type (pests have different treatments).

How Long Does a Pest Control Treatment Last?

How long does the treatment work? Generally, professional pest control treatment can last for some months but must be on quarterly inspection for insects like moths, spiders, roaches, pill bugs, etc. As for ant infestation, pest control is necessary and last for three to six months but differs according to treatment. On the other hand, bed bugs require extra treatment and should last indefinitely if the source is located and destroyed.

Benefits Of Pest Control

Identification of The Pests

Pest control professionals can identify pests that homeowners cannot find around their homes. In addition, they can also get rid of the pest problem. For example, a rat or mouse problem requires the attention of a rodent exclusion company to eliminate the rodent.

Finding the Source

Professionals can easily trace the source of the pest infestation or the entry and exit point. In addition to finding the root, they alert you of other home damages like water leaks or a crack in the stucco.

Less Damage

A professional company can quickly eliminate pest infestation, unlike the homeowner. The quicker you contact them, the lesser the damage. But if you delay and slow the infestation to be noticeable, the damage will be expensive.

Integrated Pest Management

Professional companies aim to solve pest infestation problems while minimizing the risk to humans and animals. Ensure your pest control company has integrated pest management standards.

Protecting Your Health

Generally, pests spread bacteria and diseases in the home. Hiring a pest control company will prevent this from happening by eliminating them. Scheduling an often pest control visit is a logical idea to protect your wealth and investment. A professional knows how to terminate their activities in open crevices.

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