Roaches are disgusting and irritating. An infestation makes the home or office unlivable, especially in the kitchen or bathroom and other dark parts of the home. Roaches are after food but end up spreading diseases. Are Cockroaches Everywhere?Are Cockroaches Everywhere

Causes of Cockroaches

Every pests such as ants, cockroaches, rodents and termites seek food and water. So no home is safe from an infestation. Here are some things that attract roaches into the home or office.

  • Dirty places
  • Food crumbs on the floor or counter
  • Garbage
  • Leftover foods or cans
  • Stagnant water spots such as flowerpots and birdbaths.

Aside from those listed above, roaches are familiar with humid weather. They are after the excess moisture that comes with summer. Additionally, leaky pipes and faucets in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens can be a habitat for cockroaches.

How to Get Rid of Roaches

Getting rid of roaches is not easy but can be done. Different methods have been proven effective against these insects.

  1. Thoroughly Clean

Dirt and filth are where roaches like to stay. Homes or offices should be thoroughly clean to remove food crumbs. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Wash every dish after the meal
  • Sweep scrubs and spills immediately
  • Empty the trash before bed
  • Clean the grease on equipment
  • Close food containers
  • Mop regularly
  1. Use Store-Bought Traps

Traps are effective and can be purchased from a store or supermarket. Some traps use scents or baits to entice roaches. The traps are sticky with gum to hold roaches. However, the method can take several weeks to reach an optimal result, so ensure the trap is checked regularly.

  1. Use Store-Bought Baits

Stores also sell baits for catching roaches. These baits are similar to a food source and contain poison. When roaches ingest the chemical, they die after a short while, spreading the poison in the nest.

  1. Spray Liquid Concentrates

Spray liquid concentrates are sold to deter cockroaches from the home or office. The chemical is diluted and sprayed as liquids in cracks, hidden dark spots and crevices. You can use this solution to clean and wax furniture

How to prevent

There are many effective preventive measures to use against roaches. However, if you face an infestation and do nothing about it, then expect a huge number on your property. They are good at transmitting diseases and bacteria in an environment. Here are some preventive measures.

  • Find the source- observe and explore the home or office to find their nest before sealing the crack with caulk.
  • Eliminate their food sources- cover food and keep containers airtight. Clean the containers to remove scrubs or leaks.
  • Eliminate their water source- repair your leaking pipes to avoid humid places in the kitchen or toilet.
  • Keep your home clean- sweep and sanitize the kitchen and bathroom appliances. The toaster, fridge, toilet holes, and other devices should be clean.
  • DIY method- you can do it yourself by removing things that attract these pests from your environment.
  • Call an expert- don’t wait for the situation to go out of control before calling for help. Professional pest companies are available to help eradicate roaches and prevent future infestation. These experts are everywhere, ready to work at an affordable rate.

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