How Dangerous are the Bees in ArizonaHow Dangerous are the Bees in Arizona? This season is a crazy time for bee swarms in Arizona. These beehives are popularly harnessed to offices, schools, playgrounds, apartments, etc. Most areas of AZ are occupied by Africanized bees (killer bees), and they have dangerous stings. According to a study, almost every bee species in AZ is Africanized. The Africanized bee and European honey bee have bred for years, forming more aggressive bees in the southwest part of America.

Bee attack is scary in AZ, and the state receives several casualties from bee stings each year. These hybrid bees have increased in number, and at the same time, increased in habitat range; now, most of their hives are found in most areas occupied by humans. Knowing these bees will keep you, your family, and your pet safe from being stung.

Africanized Honey Bees in Arizona

The Africanized honey bee (AHB or AFB) is undetectable and more aggressive than the regular honey bee. These bees are behaviorally dangerous to humans and pets due to their territorial nature. AFB is super responsive to any threat or disturbance close to their hive and easily provoked into action. The bees are known to swarm a threat for longer and attack in large groups.

Without a doubt, the Africanized bees are more dangerous than the regular bees, and AZ is a warm spot for these aggressive bees.

Swarms and Colonies of bees in Arizona

Bees looking for a new place to locate their hive usually travel in a swarm. These bees may find an excellent spot to live among humans or in an exposed area, such as trees.

The less aggressive and active bees are those in a swarm. They are usually grouped to form a colony.

Bees in a colony usually stay in areas for a long time and are settled in such areas. These bees are active and can form a honeycomb, making them more aggressive to protect their hive.

How to protect yourself?

Knowing more about the AZ bees is the first measure in protecting yourself. Africanized bees pose no threat if they are disturbed but are always found in a clutter of thousands. AHB will swarm many places along the way as they migrate for better surroundings, and you might be unlucky to encounter them.

Africanized honey bees live in colonies and are sensitive to smell, sound, movement, etc. These bees are known to attack without direct provocation, and their stings are deadly.

If you unprecedentedly encounter the Africanized honey bee attack, here are some measures to undertake for protection:

  • Run as fast as you can.
  • Don’t submerge in water; else, they will wait for you to emerge.
  • Cover your face as you run.
  • Run into a structure and shut the bees out.

Have a bee problem?

When faced with bees’ infestation, the best option is to call the professional, incredibly when close to home, school, etc. This group of people will first determine the type of pest you face. Sometimes, it might be a wasp hive mistaken for a beehive, and the removal strategy is different.

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