Bees are one of the most industrious insects ever lived and you might find hives in a few very unlikely places. Aside from their history of stinging pesky humans, they make something everyone loves: honey. The earliest memories most people have of bees come from animations which sets our thinking to a default-Bees live on trees. That’s correct, but there are other fascinating and unlikely places bees can build a hive. Many bees like to build their colonies in trees; others prefer locations away from the sun’s reach, while some just build their hive in any available space.

Here’s a list of the most unlikely places you might find bee hives.

  1. 6 Unlikely Places Bees can Build a HiveAttics and lofts

The attic or loft is often unused, quiet, and undisturbed in some houses. The perfect place for bees to thrive. Most times, people are unaware there’s a hive in their home until the bees start to spread to other rooms in the home or they notice the stains on the ceiling. Bees can come into homes through chimneys and vents.

  1. Garages

A garage is a dry, cool place often covered away from sunlight. Bees can enter garages and build a nest there using materials they find. Sometimes, bees spend a whole season or even more in their garage until they’re noticed by the garage owners.

  1. Cavities

No, not the kind related to teeth. The hollow cavities on the trees or below the ground, such as rabbit burrows. Around springtime, the queen bees go out in search of any form of an abandoned animal burrow to start a colony. Obtaining honey from these kinds of nests can be pretty dangerous since they can sting you if you reach in with your hands

  1. Underground

You may not have imagined bees living underground, but it’s true. In fact, over 70% of them breed and build their hive underground. They don’t need extra materials to build their home as it is made entirely from the soil. Some prefer Sandy soils that don’t absorb water, while others prefer clay soils. Their preference depends on the specie of bees. To locate them, you could look out for mounds made of red soil or mud, kind of like an anthill-the difference is that beehives have a large opening

  1. Under and around garden furniture.

If you have a lot of flowers in your garden, expect bees, and if there’s wooden furniture around your garden, they would get comfortable and build colonies. Since garden furniture is never really used, you might not notice until the next time you turn over that bench.

  1. Bee hotels

Unlike the regular hotels where you have to pay to spend the night, Bee hotels are constructed by people who want to give back to nature. These are made of different hollows that bees can find and if their comfortable, they stay there and produce honey. Building a bee hotel means you have to also maintain that bee hotel and protect it from adverse weather conditions.

Bees can live almost anywhere as long as they’re comfortable with the environmental conditions. From trees to empty burrows and bee hotels, these ever-busy creatures build colonies and multiply where it’s convenient for them. If that convenience is your home and you want to eliminate them, you could call skilled experts to help without killing the bees.

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