Mice in your attic infestations can be disturbing but can easily be identified. Examine your attic for chew marks and droppings, especially near your food storage. If you don’t spend time in your attic, then it will be hard to notice this minor invasion. This can turn out to be a serious problem if not taken care of in time. If you are determined to find this little disturbing animal in your attic, then there are many signs to watch out for.

Here are some important methods for spotting mice in your atticHow to Tell if You Have Mice in Your Attic

  • Noise

Mice can easily be heard in the night. However, changes in some factors, such as weather, construction, hunger and thirst, or even their population, can make them active during the day. Mice are generally active at night and use the dark to scavenge for food, which makes them lousy at night. Pay keen attention to strange noises that occur during the night. You can also record this noise to avoid having to be up all night for the mice-recon mission.

  • Look for Marks & Footprints

Mice are known to leave gnawed marks on walls and droppings in the attic. These marks can easily be spotted on the floor, rafters in the ceiling, and house sidings. You can also observe biting and chewing on wires or cables, pipes inside the wall and ventilation ducts. To easily spot these gnaw marks, simply spray talcum powder on your attic floor, then observe for footprints for a few days.

  • Look for signs of mice tunneling

Tunneling represents the route of the mice. Mice often make their way through walls by creating a tunnel within them, especially in houses with fiberglass insulation. Mice can easily hide from you when they hear your footsteps and can stay there for a long period of time without coming out.

Look for the Source

You can also look for any sign of entry. These rodents are suitable for tinny openings because of their slimy body. Look for tiny openings and block them. This will reduce the cost of calling an expert.

  • Droppings

Droppings are another easy way to trace the mice’s invasion in your attic. Mice are fond of defecating as they go about scavenging for food. They have small droppings and deposit tons of them during their operation. You can start by checking your food source for droppings or near their nesting area. You can also use a black light to spot their urine.

How do I get rid of mice in the attic?

A mouse problem is best handled by professionals. It is just a matter of calling and the professionals will be in your attic to do the clean up. Mice are one of many rodents that are difficult to completely get rid of. The professionals will eliminate these mice and also seal their entry points to fully prevent them from returning.

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