Is your home getting taken over by pests? Do you occasionally struggle with ants, raccoons, rats, and possums and wish there was a way they could be gotten rid of?

Pests are not limited to just rats and raccoons. Pests also include the world’s most infamous insects; cockroaches. If you have pest issues there are various methods of controlling pests, but essentially, there are three (3) basic pest control method, and they are;Three Types of Pest Control

  1. Pest Extermination
  2. Pest Removal
  3. Pest Prevention

All pest control methods have one aim – to remove pests. However, they each have varying methods and processes of achieving this aim. From the top;

Pest Extermination

Exterminators are trained in finding and killing pests in homes. For extermination to occur, pests must have been present in the house and thriving too.

Extermination does not guarantee a hundred percent pest control, as it does not address the issue at its root. This means there might be reoccurring cases later in the future.

 Pest Removal

Pest Removal is majorly done for the larger pests occupying your home, for instance, critters. Removing larger pests can be a pain since they are always smart and ready to fight back. However, removal is best and done by experts who offer this service.

To remove pests, (such as raccoons) a trap is set for the pest, as earlier mentioned, they are smart and may avoid the trap for as long as possible, hence the pest removal service provider will pay occasional visits to see if the pests have been caught so that they can be transported to their natural habitats.

You could also use poisoned baits or introduce the natural enemies of the pests into your home. For instance, if you have rat infestations, you could get a cat, if you are disturbed by possums and raccoons, dogs would be a better choice.

This method of control is safe, however, it takes time to complete and may not be efficient as well, especially if the number of pests is not known.

 Pest Prevention

Pest control is good and all, however, it is always better to prevent it from happening, rather than control it.

  • Pests can be prevented by blocking all holes that can be used by rodents to gain entry into your home.
  • Regular treatment of home using anti-repellants, to break up any thriving insect pest growing in the home.
  • You can also prevent pests by effectively disposing of food and trash which is the main attraction for pests.

Prevention is way better, however, it may seem unnecessary and time-consuming, but it is easier than waking up

In conclusion, ensure the pest control service you are using understands the problem, and combats it effectively. Professional pest control services now offer “GREEN” pesticides that are not poisonous, you can request for that, so as to protect your home and children from toxins. Using natural methods of introducing a natural predator also works and is both cheap and effective as pests do not come back due to fear.

So, ensure you protect your homes, get a pet cat or dog, do a regular prevention check, use repellants and fumigate when necessary. Block holes that can be used by pests to gain entry into your building and make sure to stay clean.

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