Asking how long a pest treatment last and getting an accurate answer depends on the type of treatment done. Arizona is filled with pests, bugs, crickets, spiders, ants, rodents, and other pests. The presence of these rodents makes its residents worry about how long pest treatments last. The treatments depend on the kind of pest you want to get rid of. Most pest treatments are for preventive measures, while others are done against infestation. The treatment used for infestation is different from that used for rodents, and the same goes for the timing. General pest treatments can last for months. There are various treatment plans offered by pest control companies. Pests do not magically disappear after a treatment, no matter how professional it is. It takes hours, weeks, or months.

How Long Does a Pest Treatment Last?How Long Does a Pest Treatment Last?

The timing depends on the product and treatment. Other factors that affect how long pest treatment can last are moisture, sanitation, and your environment (size of the structure). If you leave your windows open after treatment, it begins to air out and would last only 2-3 weeks. Also, moping a treated area can make it wear out quickly.  A professional pest control treatment can last for about six weeks while taking its effect on the problem. If you have just fumigated your house against insects and pests, it can last for about six hours to one week. The most prolonged treatments last for 3-6 months, and it’s hard to find any that goes above it.

Pest treatment refers to the extermination of common insects found in your home. Different treatments for different insects as what is needed to get rid of termites and bed bugs might not work for cockroaches. If there is an ant infestation, one treatment by a professional can get the job done. To ensure that the ants do not return, you will need monthly treatments, which would reduce to quarterly visits until you are sure the ants are gone for good. If the source of a bedbug infestation is identified and treated, it can last indefinitely. Our technicians always make sure to find the start of the infestation. The thing with bed bug treatment is that, even though it does its work quickly, the bugs can always be brought into the hose again by visitors. Still run a quarterly bed bug treatment to avoid this.

The treatment for rodents lasts longer than that of insects. This is why you need to be specific on what you are trying to get rid of in your property. The treatment locates the nest of the pest and gets rid of it. This is why a day cannot be enough to get all the pests out.

When a pest treatment is done, it starts to eradicate the pests, and it takes time because not all the pests go at once. Treatments are to be done more than once a year. It can be done weekly or monthly, depending on the treatment and what plan the professional technician recommends.

If you need to know how long a treatment will last? Ask the technician about the particular treatment he is doing. Call us for a quick pest control service today!

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