Having to deal with pests in your surroundings could be a terrific living experience. The pests keep coming in and always fit into the least expected areas in your home. To get them completely off your property, you’d need to hire a pest control service. However, with everyone jumping on the next available DIY method to save cost, you’ve asked yourself if it applies to pest control. Can you truly handle and control the pests in your home? Let’s check out these do-it-yourself pest control steps.

Inspect Your HomeCan I Do Pest Control Myself?

Checking for pest-infected areas in your home comes first on your DIY pest control checklist. Since you won’t be getting a professional for the inspection, you’d have to scrutinize every inch of your home. You’d have to turn the house over to located infected pest areas before applying the pest control products. Of course, a pest control professional would know areas to look for without having to tear down your property.

Take Health Safety Measures

Now that you have your space widened out, the next thing on your mind is the application of pest control products. However, it probably skipped your mind that these are harmful chemicals that could endanger the health of your loved ones. Ensure you protect the kitchen area well enough to prevent the chemicals from coming in contact with the utensils. While you may not have the right gear for proper health safety prevention, again, a pest control professional does.

Adequate Ventilation & Seal All Entry Points

Dealing with the damp spots that serve as breeding zones for the pests is the next thing on the list. It is advised that you install humidifiers in your attic and basement to help you spot these breeding areas. Sadly, you’d need a professional’s recommendation for the most suitable humidifier for your home. Now it’s time to deal with cracks and openings in your home that serve as points of entry. When located, try to seal them off with caulking and any sealant you lay your hands upon.

The Trap And Bait Technique

Pests are always in your home majorly because there’s prey around to serve as their daily meals. However, you can take it up the notch by luring them with baits that’d attract them for a kill anyway. To get small rodents, it’d be better to invest in glue/sticky traps that help you keep them stuck for proper removal. Using a cage or big traps might be your alternative for larger pests like squirrels.

Spray! Spray!! Spray!!!

It’s time to get to the spraying part where you aim to clear out tiny and flying or crawling insects. You could easily purchase DIY insecticides from the nearest store to get started. However, remember we spoke of ensuring proper health safety measures? Not at DIY insecticides are safe enough for personal use.

Most times we ignore the precautionary measures on the products before spraying. Another reason why hiring a pest control professional makes your life easy. They’d ensure you take the necessary precautions and evacuate the premises if needed to guarantee safety.


Yes, you can control the pest in your home and its surroundings. Meanwhile, the chances of doing a great job while at it are very slim. Let’s not ignore the part where you’d be spraying toxic chemicals that could be harmful to your respiratory tract. Controlling the pests in your home yourself is possible, but is it also worth the stress?

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